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Review for Bullet by LKHamilton
As usual with this series, this one was great.
Bullet delivers a lot of sex and a plot!!!
Many have complained that with this series it has turned into just sex, sex, and more sex. But sex is the very essence of Jean Claude's line so how could a reader possibly expect anything but a lot of sex, and varying types of sex. Single minded readers needed to stop reading this series A LONG time ago, and again I am really tired of hearing the complaints....if you didn't know by now then your were not reading or paying any attention to anything.
Sex with Anita and her many partners is the fuel that keeps the power going. It is sometimes her weapon and her strength.
I am very happy with the way that Richard behaved in this book. I was extremely shocked by him and by his eagerness to make things work. He earned a lot of points for this one!
Asher, oh my Asher. I do love him, I do feel for him but sometimes I have wanted to just hit him. He started off as a real jerk, a boy with hurt feelings! But...without spoiling it, he adjusted his attitude. Granted it was not entirely his fault for his behavior I do feel that he had been neglected and slighted throughout the series. His feelings were not considered or his wants and desires, until Bullet. I was so happy for him in this book, for him getting the release that he has needed, for him feeling the love and lust that he deserves.
Nathanial, oh my God, I almost died..I had a split second of absolute panic....but Nathanial prevailed. There is not enough to say about Nathanial. He is sometimes viewed as just a gorgeous body, with incredible eyes, and a fantastic sex drive, but he is smart and extremely intellectual. He helps Anita see things and understand things that she could never do without him.
Micah is just Micah. He is her rock, her King, and her support. He has a calmness and a power about him that can not be reckoned with.
There was not a lot of Jason in this one, and I do miss him when he is not one of the leaders. What I got to see of him was good, but just a tease.
Jean Claude....his love for Anita is amazing. I sometimes feel that he gets shorted as well, that he doesn't get the time and attention that he deserves, but maybe their relationship and their love is just so grounded that it is fine. His skills and abilities came into play big time in this one, and it only opens up major happenings for the next installment.
We are following Mommie Dearest and her latest attempts to do her will....she makes some very powerful and very intense plays during this book. It is a platform for what is coming, this one is leading up to something major, and I am sure we will not be disappointed with the next one.
We see a side of Anita in this book that is so raw, so emotional. She breaks down some of her defenses and gives us just a glimpse of her inside turmoil. It is heart wrenching to see some of the emotions that she goes through. It is also amazing to see her so full of power, so much control doing what she absolutely must do. Her determination to protect the ones she loves is inspiring.

Review for Flirt by LKHamilton
Flirt was a good read. It was a quick read but the story flowed really well and it was nice to see Anita do some zombie raising.
I liked the new characters that were introduced. Nicky and Jacob came into the scene really strong, and really going to give Anita a challenge. It was good to see them struggle and fight the powers that be, and the urges.
The scene in the house was amazing, the fight, the flee, the stabbing!!! Great writing and action.
The cemetery was fantastic. It gave a feel to the old Anita stories from the beginning, and I really enjoyed that. I love how her character has changed and how the books have developed into a lot more, but it is nice to have her go back and do a little of her zombie routine.
This was a really good novella. Very happy that my favorite boys were in it, always good to see Jason, Nathanial and Micah.
Still trying to figure out a way to be part of their happy puppy pile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review for Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K. Hamilton
Ok before I review the book I need to say something....
I am so tired of hearing all the negative reviews about this series and the Anita Blake series. The negative reviews say that there is too much sex, not enough plot, the book took place in only a day, not enough action.... Well, if you hate it so much why are you still reading it, I mean this is the fifth book of the series. After the first book you should of had an idea that the series was going to have A LOT to do with sex. I mean she is a from a fertility line, and she has to get pregnant in order to become Queen, she was told to bed as many of the guards as she could!!!! I just get aggravated when all of the negative reviews are about the same thing!! It is a fantasy series....magic, sex and power....

Now onto my review of Mistral's Kiss...
I really liked this one a lot. There was a lot of magical sex and real sex. A lot of names to keep up with and now a lot of powers to keep up with. It is easy to get distracted and lose focus if you are not careful. The torture scenes with the Queen, she was actually holding intestines as a leash!!!!!!!!!! Oh My!!!!!!
I couldn't breathe in the garden scene...I thought that they were all lost!!!!
The whole scene with King Sholto was amazing. So many emotions, so much action. The change in moods, change in feelings was great.
I love Doyle and Frost, they are both perfect for Merry!
Abe turned out to be pretty interesting and likable. Mistral, I feel so sorry for him, and I hope that he gets a chance at real happiness but I have a feeling Andais will never allow it.
Anxious to read the next one and see what happens with Merry and her very dis functional family.
It takes a lot of talent to write a series like this one. A lot of research and knowledge. There is some overkill with the redundant mentioning of things that happened in other books, that is always a problem with some series. There is no fault to Hamilton's writing, I think maybe the editor could be a little more attentive, but these over sights do not take away from Hamilton's talent or her skill as a great writer. She has a lot to keep up with, all of the characters, the history, the myths, the Gods and Goddesses, she has done her homework and has delivered a well written, fun, exciting, mystical, magical series.

Review for Last Sacrifice, by Richelle Mead
I need a hundred stars for this one, for the entire series.
There is no way to write a review without spoiling it for those who have not read it yet!!
I have absolutely loved this series. I bought the first book a little over two years ago, on a whim. It looked good, so I took a chance. I was sucked into the wonderful world that Mead had created. I couldn't get enough of it.
It has become my favorite YA series, and is in the top five of my all time favorite series.
She creates a world that is believable, and so real.
Her characters are fierce, funny, loving, sneaky, loyal and all around believable.
This ending to the series was so amazing. It had lots of surprises and twists that I did not see coming. Things I thought I had figured out were wrong. The action was non-stop and the suspense was thrilling. She left enough that the spin off series should be just as good. Although, I will miss Rose, Dimitri, Adrian, Christian and Lissa A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! While reading this one, all of my emotions were affected. I got angry, hurt, cried, laughed, loved and scared!!!!
I hope to see them in the new series.
I don't want to hint at all to anything that happened, because I do not want to spoil anything.
It was a great read, so happy with how things ended. I am sad that the series has ended, I feel it could have gone on and on....
Thankful to Richelle Mead for introducing us to the wonderful world of Vampire Academy. Well done series, fantastic writing!!!

Review for Blood Noir by LK Hamilton

I need more than five stars for this one!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely incredible. This one is my favorite book so far.
I have loved Jason since the beginning, there has always been something about his smiles, his comments, the way he does things that has driven me crazy. When I found out that this was his book I was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to read it.
The first few chapters had me so incredibly jealous of Anita that I could not stand it!!! :) I loved how Nathanial and Anita took such GREAT care of him when he truly needed his best friends.
I wasn't sure what to expect of the the trip Jason and Anita took together. Once they got there I thought it might just be a trip down memory lane, kind of like Micah's book, but I was so surprised with what happened in this one!!!
I absolutely loved the hospital scene when Anita first meets Jason's family. She was classic Anita and I loved what she said and did for Jason.
When things got interesting, Anita Blake interesting I was blown away. Mommy Dearest was incredible in this book too. I know that sounds kind of like an oxy moron but she really was a huge part of this one, both really bad and really good.
Loved meeting Crispin and really hope to see more of him!!!! Alex was pretty interesting too, but wow Crispin!!!
Richard, Oh God what do I even say about Richard. There are times when I could just hug him and so glad that he is around, but then in a blink of an eye I could kill him!!!
The way he and his boys showed up in this one was amazing. Well written scene and Richard was Ulfric and he was amazing. The way he took care of Anita when she was falling apart, I loved him at that moment.
Then all hell breaks loose and I was ready to rip Richard's head off.
So many emotions in this book.
The ending, well the last few chapters of this book, I was completely on edge. I was so afraid of what was going to happen. I really hoped and prayed things would not happen the way that they headed!
Anita turned into her strong, confidant executioner and I was literally cheering for her.
The ending was incredible and I have to say that this one has been my favorite so far. Which is a lot to say considering how good all the books are. But there is something about Jason that just steals my heart. I love him and Nathanial, a lot.
I could not stop reading this book, I stayed up until the early morning hours to finish it. I just could not put it down.
I am devouring these books, but I can't slow down. It has become my addiction and I want more and more and more!!!!

Review for Clockwork Angel
I am such a HUGE fan of the Mortal Instruments, one of the best series I have read, in YA. I love the way Clare writes. When this book was being released I was a bit hesitant to read it. I was a little uneasy about the time setting of the book, I thought that it was going to be a prequel that could never compare to the Mortal Instruments. I hold Mortal Instruments very high, and there have been maybe one or two YA series that have compared to that series. So when I started Clockwork Angel, I expected to be disappointed. Boy did Ms. Clare prove me WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely loved this book, I am very anxious to read the rest of the series, and it is going to be a long wait until the next one comes out.
It was great to see some familiar names of characters that I truly enjoyed in MI.
Also, there are some very strong similarities between Jace ( Mortal Instruments) and Will. Will is a very strong character, with many levels to his personality. He is carefree, reckless, loyal, secretive and at times cruel. But he has a way of crawling into your heart and staking a claim to it. He is hiding a major secret, that I am sure will take a book or two to unveil. His emotions are kept in check, and he wants to let go, but he always holds back. I am anxious to learn more of the very interesting, very beautiful Will.
Then we meet Jem. What an awesome character. He is strong, but has a condition that makes him even more loving to the reader. He is a fierce fighter, but a true gentleman. Smart beyond his years, offers sound advice, and you can tell that he wants happiness.
Tessa...she is strong, determined, a bit naive at the beginning, but develops into a powerful female. She lets her heart lead her and she desperately wants things to be normal. Great leading character. She too has some similarities to the MI character, Clary.
The rest of the characters in this book are all remember-able. None of them fall off to the side, they all play an important part, and keep you wondering to the end who is who. I think there are some more surprises in store for this series.
The action was remarkable. Like I said I was a little tentative about the setting and era of the book, but I found myself falling right into it, and not thinking about it being so long ago, in another country and time. The language was easy to go with, you know it's great writing when you start reading in a British accent!!!
I really feel that this one is going to be a great series. If you have not read Mortal Instruments yet, you can still read this series. I think either way you read them, starting with this one, or reading Mortal Instruments first, you will love it.
Cassandra Clare can tell a story like no other. She is intelligent, witty, and demands your attention in her novels. She kept my interest all the way to the end, and I am dying to read the next one. I don't know if I will be able to stand not knowing what is going to happen next. A lot of loose ends in this one, but a lot of questions were answered too. Relationships seem like they may start, but not entirely sure with who. It is not your expected love triangle that so many authors are using.
I absolutely recommend this book!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix Rising by Jo Lynne Valerie
I read the novella by Jo Lynne Valerie, Phoenix Rising, it is an amazing tale of love.
The story tells of an artist, Holly, who has recently been hired by an author to illustrate her new book. Holly paints the leading man of the novel; what she does not realize is that he is her soul mate. She meets him a few days later, and the journey that they embark on is amazing.

Holly has a past that she keeps secret, the pain and suffering from her past is not something she wants to bring up. David, the man of her painting, is a single father to a teenage son. He too has had a painful past. Together they begin a journey of discovery, love and enchantment with a strong power pulling them in the right direction.

It is an amazing read, and it will touch all of your emotions.

Here is the link on you tube for the trailer...


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Hush Hush
I started reading Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick today and a few hours later I was finished.
It is an incredible book, I could not stop reading it. I stopped everything today to read it. I was instantly in the world of the book, the characters are easy to like and get involved with. The story line never had a dull moment, and before I knew it I was at the end. I wish it was longer....
I love Patch..she had me guessing up until the end.

I got this book for a couple of reasons, the first being the awesome reviews I read about it on Bitten by Books...so many of my friends had read it and raved about it...the second reason was the awesome cover. The cover captures the essence of the story perfectly.

I can not wait until the sequel..
This is definitely a book that I will reread and will absolutely recommend to my friends...

Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!

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